"Smart Metering - Live Energy Consumption Data"

multidomo smart metering Smart metering gives you instant access to energy consumption data whenever you want.

Knowing how much energy you use is paramount when trying to increase efficiency.

With a smart meter installed, you have immediate access to the consumption figures, which will help you react instantly to energy fluctuations and make adjustments as required.

What can you do with a KNX smart meter?

  • Energy Monitoring & Display - Gas, Electricity and Water Consumption
  • Environmental Quality Monitoring & Display - Temperature, CO2, Humidity
  • Measure consumption and adjust when consumption peaks
  • Display consumption data via Touch panel or PC
  • Set energy consumption thresholds and disconnect power hungry equipment
  • Centralise the information readout for the above sources
  • And more...

KNX smart metering helps use energy more economically while enhancing comfort and